Lets face it . None of us just visit an astrologer to just let us know what are the ongoings in our lives.Anybody close and dear to you can tell you what your life has been all about till date.

Everybody has his/her set of challenges,aspirations,desires,goals and situations which they never seem to find a solution to, as they are traversing through the dark or to put it aptly, the grey passage of the tunnel.

Now I think its “MY STORY TIME”.

As I started learning the sacred Shastra of Astrology years ago ,I went about a very detailed course path from a research perspective from  The Maharishi Vedic University. It was a good start for learning astrology in depth and most importantly looking at each and every detailer of predictions from the basis of logic and science .

But as I kept delving into the research and kept getting at the exact whys ,it led me to delve into the classical aspects of predictive shastras which was very experiential.This ushered in the opportunity of me ,visiting some of the best people in vedic schools, academies and most importantly genuine practitioners of this sacred art.

My learnings from those journeys can never be put into words ,as that would qualify a 1000 page Kindle Edition.

But to sum up that moment of revelation is a simple one liner.

Where the dissection/manipulation of an atom reaches itsnadir..Predictive Astrology Begins….”

Now this is where I would like customers like you to understand how the system of astrology works or how it needs to work out.

Astrology is a wonderful indicative science from the peripheral standpoint .

What makes it predictive, is when an astrologer understands the basics well ,and uses it to delve into the depths.which takes a lot of effort ,patience and most importantly experience & fair amount of time .

Any time I face my clientele, I try my best to gain their best of faith and let them tell me in detail ,of the situations they are facing not from the basics, but in detail which gives me a huge scope in diving into the depths ,beyond the Natal and D9 Charts ,and give them a crystal clear idea on how planetary permutations are impacting them .

The above said also gives me a nail on the head solution in the form of pariharas/remedies .

Again when we look at a remedy/parihara ,we need to understand on not how we are going to negate the influence of a graha, which is against the law of cause and effect ,but look into naturally manipulating or what I call co-enabling the work of cosmos in our life through the grahas.

The best part of my experience which I still try to enrich everyday is getting the best practitioners in both predictive & remedial shastras who collaborate with me, in genuinely trying in adding a value to each clientele who we associate with,because I firmly believe ,everyone has a unique birth chart and you cannot apply the law of averages in giving solutions to a person’s life.

Please do feel to touch base.My team and I will try to the best of our ability in aiding you to a better way in looking at your sojourn in small little speck in the milky way called ” Planet Earth”

Namaste and Light

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